Welcome to the Residential Landlords Association of Ireland.


Membership of RLAI gives access to information, advice, assistance, meetings and fellow landlords.

  • Know your rights and responsibilities
  • Have a voice when regulations are proposed or changed
  • Be informed at RLAI Seminars
  • Meet fellow landlords at meetings
  • Avail of telephone support service 

RLAI was formed in March 2013 by landlords as a non profit organisation to provide trusted information; to advise on best practices in the management of a property rental business; to assist and provide information on housing and tenancy issues and to lobby government and councils on the aims and objectives as proposed by RLAI members.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • Prevent the introduction of Custodial Deposit Scheme
  • Local Property Tax to be tax deductible on rental property
  • Policy that PRTB penalises landlords and tenants equally
  • LPT to be per house and not on individual flats.
  • Property tax to be totally deductible
  • Water charges to be deductible if landlords pay
  • Better tax regime for landlords
  • Tax incentives for landlords to bring properties up to regulation standards
  • To promote improved standards for residential letting property stock
  • Standardisation of social welfare housing supplement paid to landlord
  • Information and contact support for landlords in mortgage arrears


Landlords who provide private rental accommodation are invited to apply for membership. 

Application Form: Fill out the form below or  call  085 866 2743

Membership fee: €100.00 annually.

Cheques to : "By Post to our Secretary"

Membership gives access to meetings, information and telephone advice in the running of letting business.    

RLAI reserves the right to refuse membership

Activities of the RLAI

The primary purpose of the RLAI is to provide a support and advisory service to landlords who experience challenges and problems in running their business. This includes telephone guidance and where necessary private consultancy.

The association which is purely to support landlords ,has no other agenda It is run by a group of elected volunteers who themselves are landlords and are not in receipt of remuneration .

RlAI are invited and make regular representation and submissions to government on matters relating to the renting business.

Invitations are also received and accepted from political parties housing and focus groups to address housing conferences and seminars giving RLAI the opportunity to highlight and promote the concerns of landlords.

RLAI hold information seminars which help members understand and comply with the current highly complex regulatory regime governing the private rental market in Ireland.

Seminars also deal with other issues affecting landlords including personal taxation,wills, inheritance etc and landlords are invited to submit topics they wish to have included for talks and discussion.

RLAI make annual pre budget submissions and highlight the unfairness of the current tax code which applies to landlords.

RLAI spokespersons are regularly requested by the media to appear on radio and television , comment in the print media and write articles on issues and legislative proposals relating to the private rental market.





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