Residential Landlords AssociationPress Statement


The latest raft of regulations announced by Minister Murphy yesterday will restrict landlords ability to manage their lettings efficiently. The requirement to register tenancies on an annual basis rather than when a new letting is created is oerly bureacratic and unecssary and is solely designed to generate extra cash from landlords.

The introduction of a custodial deposit sheme is equally unecesary and using a sledge hammer to crack a nut. Less than 0.1 % of all tenancies present annually in relation to disputes about deposits and in many cases landlords have been able to justify the witholding of the entire or part of the deposit.There are other ways way of penalising capricious landlords who withold deposits without justification but this approach will generate extra unecessary work for evey compliant landlord


Fintan McNamara Director of The Residential Landlords Association(RLAI)

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